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American in UK Wants Black Cab Shag

It was another day in the life of a London taxi driver and as I was just about thinking what to have to eat, I get a fare. She was a lady originally from America, but now lives in England. As we were getting to know each other with a bit of chit chat, she said she recognized my voice. I tried to charm my way out of it, but she knew that I was the fake taxi driver. She was a bit of a fan of the website, so without wasting much time I soon pulled up and jumped in the back. To much of my surprise, she had a huge pair of tits under that jumper and I was very interested in getting them out. After sucking her tits and licking her tasty pussy and of course giving her a right good shagging, it was time to empty my balls. As I launched my load all over her face she did seem a bit surprised, but this did not curb my enthusiasm. This is what i do and I do it well. Enjoy!

February 22, 2015
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