New cab driver gives customer a good facial - Faketaxi

New cab driver gives customer a good facial

Well I guess this is hello, after watching my mate get away with this for so long it was time for him to give me a piece of the action. Off I went cameras rolling after ignoring a couple of men waiting for a taxi I found my first lady customer. As she in the back of the cab I realise I don't even know where the fuck I was gonna and in my haste just blurted out, if I can get in the back of the taxi love and have a bit of fun with you I will give you the ride for free! This was not the best tactic and I thought she was gonna call the cops, but as I'm a bit of a good looking bastard she soon came round. I went to one of the shagging spots and could not wait to get started on this beauty, make no mistake I will be back.

May 14, 2015
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